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The Carmel Public Library has been a treasured resource on the Central Coast for more than 108 years, serving some 106,000 Library cardholders and visitors annually.

The Carmel Public Library Foundation plays the crucial role of raising revenue for the Library, including funds for all collections, materials, services and programs. While historically the City of Carmel funds Library staff and building maintenance, private contributions to the Library Foundation fund everything else. That includes every book, every CD and DVD… reference collections… every computer terminal… internet access and free wireless service… as well as every program and service for children, teens, adults and seniors!

Moreover, this year, because of the deepest budget reductions the Library has ever faced, the Foundation is also funding, through charitable gifts, the salaries of part-time staff. It is a paradox that the more difficult our economic times become, the more rapidly Library usage increases, and the more severely our funding is reduced.

Now more than ever your support is more vital.



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