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February 5, 2020

Community Night with the Library
Big Data/Big Brother
7pm / Carpenter Hall, Sunset Center, Carmel

Learn how, and to what extent your personal information is being divulged with Naval Postgraduate School Asst. Professor of Computer Science, Vinnie Monaco. The interactions people have on the Internet generate an abundance of data that often contain personal and sensitive information. Combined with recent advances in machine learning, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain anonymous and control exactly what personal information is divulged. Everything from search queries and movie ratings, to the way a person types on a keyboard or clicks on a button reflects some aspect of their identity. However, this phenomenon is a double-edged sword and actually has the potential to both increase security and threaten user privacy.

February 10, 2020

Wired for Reward: How teenage brains are vulnerable to addiction, and simple strategies to promote health
6:30pm / Carmel Performing Art Center at Carmel High School 
3600 Ocean Ave, at the intersection of Highway 1 & Ocean Ave in Carmel

Meet Darryl “Flea” Virostko, legendary, world class surfer who rode the big wave to surfer stardom, fell into addiction and then rose again to help others overcome.

It’s important to be able to recognize addictive behaviors— and it’s never too early to start speaking with your child about it! Join our distinguished panel of experts to learn how to help your teen discover practical strategies that can give them the critical thinking tools they need to make healthy choices. Q&A to follow the program.

March 8, 2020

Donor Salute
3pm / Harrison Memorial Library, Carmel

March 11, 2020

Community Night with the Library
Henry Meade Williams Local History Lecture Series
The Theatre of the Golden Bough in the Golden Era
7pm / Carpenter Hall, Sunset Center, Carmel

Rediscover the epicenter for creativity in Carmel and the dynamic man who created it.

The original Theatre of the Golden Bough was founded, built, and directed by Edward Kuster in 1924. The theater was a Carmel cultural landmark, and who better to recount its history than the founder’s daughter, Marcia Kuster Rider. The Golden Bough offered a staggering 50 productions a year and was the epicenter for creativity in Carmel during the Golden Era years of 1924-1935. It drew national as well as international attention and became known as an important proving ground for both actors and playwrights. This talk, illustrated by photographs, will highlight the theater as well as the dynamic man who created it.

March 16, 2020

Stanford’s Challenge Success: A Well-Balanced Perspective on College Fit
6:30pm / Carmel Performing Art Center at Carmel High School

Parent & Teacher Lecture Series hosted by CUSD & CPLFThe college admissions process can be a source of stress and anxiety for students and parents alike. This research-based workshop addresses many of the important questions we hear from families. What do college rankings really measure? Are students who attend more selective colleges better off later in life? What is “fit” and why does it matter? Participants will learn practical strategies to help reduce unnecessary pressure around the college admissions process and ways to support their student’s overall well-being and readiness for life in college and beyond. Seating is first-come, first-served!

April 7, 2020

Annual Spring Fundraiser
to benefit Carmel Public Library Foundation

The Presidential Edition
with American Historian and Best-Selling Author Douglas Brinkley
Tues, April 7 at 7 p.m.
Sunset Center, Carmel
with Wine Tasting & Program

It’s election year! Join on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 for a stimulating and relevant conversation with acclaimed author, CNN Presidential Historian, and New York’s Historical Society’s Official Presidential Historian, Douglas Brinkley for a look at the highs and lows of the American Presidency; Past, Present and Future.

Tickets and more information now available at or call or at Box Office (831) 620-2048.

April 9, 2020

Fireside Chats with the Library
Citizenship in Flux: Local vs. Global Visions of the Civic Life 
6:30pm / Harrison Memorial Library, Ocean Ave. and Lincoln, Carmel

A cross-generational discussion of how local and global visions of citizenship are intersecting with mass media and culture in the US. Space limited. Registration required by emailing or call 831-624-2811.

Discovering Gaston

“I grew up in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We never had a public library. My children are extremely lucky to have the Carmel Public Library. As a parent my heart soars with pride as I think of my 4 year old naming his pet, after a book he fell in love with during one of his library visits.”
—Gleidy Wetzel, Mother of three, Grateful Patron
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