Carmel Public Library Foundation continues its mission to keep the library open, relevant and thriving.  Our task has become more challenging because public funding has been drastically cut and library usage has risen to an all-time high.
100% of the books, materials, programs, equipment and services are funded through private contributions.

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Reduced public funding has become the “new normal” for libraries everywhere. The Carmel Public Library has pioneered a variety of public-private partnerships. Working together with the city, businesses, foundations, and particularly, our generous donors, we secure the library’s ranking as one of the finest public libraries in California.



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Community Night With the Library
Matt Ritter, Biology Professor
California & The BIG Trees Among Us
Wed, Jun 8 at 7 pm
Carpenter Hall MORE…


Library Benefit

HUGE thanks to sponsors, benefactors and community who supported our annual fundraiser. It was a great evening with huge impact for our library!