Ways to Give

Click here for our Sterling Circle Planned Giving Brochure.

There are several ways you can support the Carmel Public Library Foundation in addition to your important
yearly gifts through the Annual Campaign. These special giving opportunities include outright gifts, special
bequests and other planned gifts including deferred gifts of securities, donations of works of art, insurance,
retirement benefits, cash or real estate. These gifts can be restricted for use by the Library in a designated
way or can be unrestricted, to be used by the Library for the greatest need. A planned gift to the Carmel
Public Library Foundation helps to ensure that your hopes and dreams for the Harrison Memorial Library will
be realized for generations to come.

There are several types of planned giving opportunities and many of these have wonderful benefits for the
donor. Planned gifts are investments ‒ investments in your own charitable ideals and in the future of our
cherished community Library. The following is a list of some of planned giving gift options that explains and
compares the benefits of most common charitable estate planning gifts.

Please consider the Carmel Public Library Foundation in your estate plan and will.
Some of the most popular forms bequests can take are listed :

A Fixed-Amount Gift of Cash in Your Will or Estate Plan: An easy gift of designated cash.
Benefits to you: An income tax deduction toward your estate taxes.

A Gift of Designated Property, or a Percentage of A Property or Your Estate: Plan now by designating a specific amount or percentage of your estate.
Benefits to you: Estate tax deduction for the value of your bequest.

A Gift of Securities in Your Will, Trust or Estate Plan: A gift of mutual funds, long-term appreciated stock, or other securities.
Benefits to you: Income tax deduction for full fair market value; and you avoid capital gains tax for the designated amount.

A Gift of Retirement Plan Assets: Place Carmel Public Library Foundation as the beneficiary of the remaining assets after your lifetime. = Or donate unneeded withdrawals during lifetime (after 59 ½).
Benefits to you: Avoid income and any estate tax on plan distributions, leaving more favorably taxed assets for heirs.

A Gift of Life Insurance: Donate a life insurance policy to the Carmel Public Library Foundation.
Benefits to you: Immediate income tax deduction for gift’s value, plus possible estate tax savings.

Charitable Remainder Trusts: Retirement income with fixed income.Create a charitable trust that pays fixed annual income.
Benefits to you: fixed income; immediate tax deduction; avoidance of capital gains tax liability on gifts of appreciated property; may provide tax-free income.

Charitable Lead Trusts: An option allowing you gift and estate taxes on assets you plan to pass to heirs. Create a charitable lead trust that pays the Carmel Public Library Foundation a fixed or variable income for a specific term of years; principal is retained for your heirs.
Benefits to you: Reduces taxable estate; your family keeps the property, often with reduced gift taxes.