Annual Campaign Donors 2019-2020

Thank you to individuals who have given support for the Carmel Library from April 1, 2019 to May 15, 2020.

George Sterling, Gifts of $10,000 +

Community Foundation for Monterey County
Barnet Segal Charitable Trust
Charles W. Downer
Rotary Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea
Heather K. Downs, Downs & McNeil Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch
Valera Lyles
Mellanie Mae Moran
Charles and Leslie Snorf

R.L. Stevenson, Gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

Peter and Jackie Henning
William and Jeanne Landreth
Joseph and Sheila Mark
Stanley and Sharon Meresman

Jack London, Gifts of $2,500 – $4,999

Union Bank Foundation
Susan Draper
Susan DuCoeur
Bill Hannon Foundation
Ben and Carole Heinrich
Carol Lee Holland
Joanne Irmas
Brian and Cynthia McCoy
Pebble Beach Company Foundation
Mike and Chrissi Morgan
Donna M. Pribble
Union Bank Foundation

Robinson Jeffers, Gifts of $1,000 – $2,499

Drs. Douglas Adams and Patricia Qualls
Ali Akber
Letitia A. Bennett
Helen Breck
Jason and Melissa Burnett
Making Miracles-Team St. JudeKey for a Cure Foundation
Beverly Cleary
Mary Kay Crockett
Donald McEnry Davis
Sharon and Larry De St. Jeor
Richard and Beth DeAtley
John Doodokan and Pamela Neiman
William and Nancy Doolittle
Martha Drexler Lynn and Robert Danziger
Andrew and Karen Drummond
William Eggleston
Howard and Karin Evans
PBI/ Steelcase
Charlotte Fergusson
Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore & Secret Garden
Foxy Couture
Susan Galvin and Michael Leavy
Jim and Alex Gerardo
Lyman and Beverly Hamilton
Shanna Harper Fineberg
Donald High
Carmel Realty Company Foundation
Bonnie Irwin and Ned Huston
Becky Jackson
Dr. Arlen and Cindy Lackey
James and Susan Lansbury
Scot Leisy
Carol and Brian LeNeve
Carmine Lepiane and Ashley Stockton-Lepiane
William Lynch
Integris Wealth Managment, LLC
Rod and Peggy McMahan
Marci Meaux and Roger Gayman
Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss Attorneys At Law
Thomas and Karen Mulvaney
Pamela Neiman
Stephen and Betsey Pearson
Alan and Jean Pedersen Trust
Monterey Private Wealth
The Samson Foundation
Tim and Jenny Smucker
Hilda H. Stengard
Linda and Bruce Taylor
Frederick Terman and Nan Borreson
Loretta and Arthur Traum
William and Susanne Tyler, III
First Stop Relocation Resources
Joan Webb
Thomas and Jennifer Werbe
George and Josephine White, Jr
Geoff and Rebecca Arnold

Edward Weston, Gifts of $500 – $999

Charles Adams and Laurie Davies
H. Glenn and Carol Bell
Brian and Sandra Berris
John and Carolyn Biasotti
Richard and Judith Borda
Paul Brocchini
Donald Richard Brophy Jr.
Katherine Bucquet
Glen and Angela Charles
James and Sharon Chibidakis
John and Pamela Craig
Frederick and Faith Duhring
James and Cornelia Emery
Monterey Skin Fitness Center
Hans and April Hess
David Huey and Carla Hudson
Margaret Kelly
Brant Laird
Gary and Judy Logan
Patricia McCahan
Nicki and Michael McMahan
Elizabeth A. Moe
John and Beth Neidel
E. and Phyllis Newman
Charles Olvis and Miranda Morris
Jenice and Jon Schultheis
Kenneth and Sally Ann Sikes
Flo T. Snyder- Speck
Frank and Linda Southers
Suzanne Taunt
Joseph and Nancy Verska
Gerald and Dorothy Williams
Marsha McMahan Zelus

John Steinbeck, Gifts of $100 – $499

Gregory and Robin Aeschliman
Frances Albrecht
David and Sheila Allaire
Howard and Jean Alvord
Leo Do Amaral
Donald and Bette Anderson
John and Lynn Archer
Robert and Melinda Armstead
Jean Littig Artz
Carol Arvidsson
Reed and Christine Bartron
Joan Beller
Jan and Joan Belza
Carol Bergere
Clayton and Sarah Berling
Charles and Marion Besmehn
Mads and Susan Bjerre
Gene and Carol Blattman
Susan Blois
Bruce and Anne Bloxom
Robert and Sarah Bouchier
William and Myrna Brandwein
Jean Brenner
Robert and Lynn Brooks
Bonnie Brooks
Peter and Harriet Brooks
D Jill Burbidge
John and Janet Bush
Linda Calafiore
Julie Campbell
Printworks Solutions
Studio Carver
Anne Carwile
David and Wendy Castagna
Chen Chen
Joan Clancy
Stuart and Lena Clark
Geoff and Sarah Cocks
Edward and Patricia Cogan
Robert and Mary Condry
Ronald and Eleanor Contreras
Paul and Kathleen Coss
Gary and Mary Cary Coughlan
Ron and Rosemary Coulter
Janet Dahle
John and Ilse Daly
Gregory Davis
Donald and Mary Ann Dillon
Donald and Joan Dinsmore
Dale Ditsler
Donna Dormody
Francis and Hilary Duda
Pamela Eaton
John and Dotty Ewing
Alexandra Fallon
John and Charlotte Flanagan
Roger and Joyce Frasca
Suzanne Frueh
James and Renee Fuqua
Marianne Gawain
Gerald and Karol Gleason
David and Sharon Goldenson
Donald Graham
Jerry Grimes and Jill Cody
Stephen Haley and Karen Dunn-Haley
Owen and Kim Halliday
John and Mary Jane Hammerland
Tai-Choon and Doyun Han
Patricia Handler
Lee and John Harris
Christopher and Judith Harrold
Neil Hertsch
Joan Heyler
Ray Hiebert
Susan Hilger
Eugene and Joan Hill
Susanne and Gordon Holm
Margaret Holm
Dick and Robin Holt
Marilyn Hopkins
Mary Horn
Loren Hughes and Jane Veneman
Lynne Izbicki
Bela and Abigail Janko
Robert and Carolyn Jenkins
Dru and Laura Jensen
James and Barbara Johnson
William and Susan Jordan
Kevin Jordan
Ronald and Diane Kabat
Jesse and Carol Kahn
Cynthia Karakas
Wayne Kelley
Nicole and Mike Kelly
Robert Kelly
Ovilee Kennedy
Yvonne Kerby-Miller
Claude and Joan Keyzers
Richard and Renee Kezirian
Donald and Judith Kirk
Walter and May Kitagawa
Jon and Christine Kitaji
Helen Kosik-Westly and Leonard Levenson
Robert Kramer
Mary Krecki
Donald Kremer
John and Marguerite Krisher
George and Ramie Kriste
Harvey and Kay Kuffner
Li Lambda
Carol Lark
Chris Laszcz-Davis
Edwin Lee
Mac Lee
Mary Lou Leonard
Richard Levine
David Ligare and Gary Smith
Matthew and Joan Little
Lucinda Lloyd
Edward and Lynn Lohmann
Melvin Loop
Barbara Lopp
Marjory Lord
Jerry and Tobi Ludwig
John and Ann Mahoney
John and Judy Maller
Christpher and Lesley Manke
Marlene Martin
Ruth Massaro
Kirsten McCarthy
Donald McDougall
Joanne McFann
Mariam and William Melendez
Norma Menard
Janet Morse
David and Caroline Moyer
Kimberley Negri
Warren and Lillian Neidenberg
Donald and Laura Newmark
R. and Katharine Nicholson
Carolyn Nickerson
Natalie Nielsen
Robin Nielsen
Carol Nordahl
Wallace Notley
Erle and Alice Nye
Dennis and Rose Mary O’Brien
Robert and Gail Ord
Susan Osborne
Mary Alice Osborne
Phil and Maureen Pardue
Diane Paul
Joan Peak
William and Carol Pendergast
Michael and Elizabeth Phillips
Roxanne Roberts Phillips
Pat Pilas
David and Janine Potter
Jan Praisner
Frank and Marguerite Primrose
Carol Prodis
Barbara Rainer
Sharon Raney
Rasmussen Rodeo Road Partnership
Niels and Janet Reimers
Chip and Lesley Rerig
Lillian Rico
Fred and Cyntha Riebe
Lee and Shirley Rosen
Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts
Anne Rurka
John and Carolyn Sanders
Christopher and Robin Sawyer
George and Deirdre Schroeder
Mark Schwartz and Bettina Schendel-Schwartz
Peter and Mrs. Serchuk
Ken and Daria Shachmut
Deborah and Dennis Sharp
Sharon Sieve
Elisabeth Snow
Tatjana Soli
Karen Sonnergren
Spencers Stationery
Kenneth Spilfogel
Juliet Spohn Twomey
Robert and Ruth Stephan
Kipp and Kyung Stewart
Natalie Stewart
Michael Stieghorst and C. Sue Conley
Gary and Karen Stotz
Terry and Kay Sullivan
Thomas and Mary Surbridge
John Swendseid and Despina Hatton
Roberto Szechtman & Quinn Kennedy
Sanjeev and Adrienne Tandon
Albert Tao and Thuy Nguyen
Alice Tao
Roy and Mary Ellen Thomas
Francis and Leigh Toldi
Orian Tolton
Tim and Nancy Twomey
Terry and Paula Trotter
Dean and Helen Turner
Frances Vardamis
Gabrielle Walters
Richard and Barbara Warren
Joel and Bonni Weinstein
Malcolm and Judith Weintraub
David and Caroline Werner
Kennedy and Jeanette White
William White Jr.
Cynthia Wickham
Douglas and Lois Ann Wilhelm
James and Joanne Willcox
Susan Johnson Willey
Franklin and Sherry Williams
Andrew and Roberta Wright
Phillips Wylly, Sr.
Richard Zevin
Jan Ziessow
Michael Zyda and Tyerin Dennis

J.S. Holliday, Gifts to $99

Adrienne Alvord
Leonard Anable, CFP
Sandra Ashby
Wolfgang and Kathleen Baer
Mary Michelle Barovsky
La Balena
Robert Blaisdell
Tim Blomgren
Beverly Borgman
Donna Brusaschetti
Sam Buttrey and Marie Hardy
Richard and Mrs. Clarkson
Ilse Colby
Mardo Collins
Helene Constant
Cameron Cundiff
Judith Dudley
Peter Eichorn and Janie Rommel-Eichorn
Richard and Barbara Ely
Hugo and Karen Ferlito
Jeff and Maria Ford
Beulah Garren
Alice Gibilterra
Jack and Joan Gorry
Rebecca Hanna
Otto and Grete Heinz
Adrienne S. Herman
Erma Hole
Gail Hudspeth
Sara Hunsaker
Sharon Jones
Meghan Kennedy Cortez
Marie Krumenacher
Lance and Jeanne Lee
Lorin and Karen Letendre
Barbara Lipman
Skip and Elizabeth Lord
Orlando LorenzoMad Mystical Journey Press
Will and Joanne McCarthy
Gene and Susan McFarland
Bruce Merchant and
Sandra Reel
Earl Y Meyers II
Allen and Susan Miller
Jeff and Anna Mitchell
Gerald and Patty Montmorency
Barbara Moore
Honor Muller
Charles and Marla
Sharon Myler
Christopher Nelson
Arthur and Roberta Nelson
Michael O’Bryant and
Jeanne Delph
Jaci Williams Pappas
Dolores Parker
Christopher and Natalie Patchell
Anastasia Ratcliffe
Daniel Reznick
Anna and James Rheim
Brian and Barbara Robinson
Gillian Rodgers-Byrd
Barbara Roecker
Stephen and Linda Salzman
John Schiering
Kathy Simpson
James and Rosemarie Smith
Michael Smith
Richard Stanley
Stefan David Starr
Patricia Strnad
Frank Takacs
George Torrero
Jan Wagstaff
Donald and Dianne Watson
Rhonda Williams
Jane Jarnigan Memorials
Jane Wilson
Bradley Zeve

Our list of donors is composed of individuals who have supported the Carmel Public Library Foundation over the past twelve months. Inevitably with such a list, an occasional oversight occurs. Please accept our apologies in advance and know that we value and honor every contribution.
If your name has been omitted or there is an error in your listing, please inform us by calling 831.624.2811. We are grateful for your support!

Matching Gifts

Bank of America Foundation
IBM Matching Gifts Program
Johnson & Johnson
Merrill Lynch, a Bank of America Company
Monterey County Gives
Schwab Charitable Foundation

In-Kind Gifts

Cassia Forêt
Richard Green Photography
Scott Campbell Photography


Barnett Segal Charitable Trust
Bill Hannon Foundation
Community Foundation for Monterey County
Pebble Beach Company Foundation
Carmel Rotary Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

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Union Bank

Media Sponsor

90.3 Kazu NPR for the Monterey Bay Area

Annual Campaign Corporate Sponsor

River House Books

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Carmel Country Inn

Author’s Edition Sponsors

Capital Group Private Client Services (San Francisco)
The Carmel Pine Cone
Carter Writing Consultants
Lloyd’s Shoes Carmel

Foundation Sponsors

Coachman’s Inn
Cypress Inn
Figge Cellars
Galante Vineyards
Hofsas House
Il Fornaio
Integris Wealth and Mangement
Scheid Vineyards
Ventana Vineyards
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