Commemorative Gifts

Thank you to individuals who recognized others and have given support for the Carmel Library.

Gifts in Honor April 1, 2016 through May 15, 2017

Leo Do Amaral

Heather Brebaugh
David and Karen Sharp

Amy Donohue
Helen Breck
Mary Kay Crockett
Terry and Kay Sullivan
George and Jo White

Lillian Lampi
Barbara Lopp

Martha Drexler Lynn
Jaci Pappas

Sue Rothman
Carole Forker Gibbons

Doug Schmitz
Cavan and Carolyn Hardy

Charlie and Leslie Snorf
Carter, Cheryl and James L. Strait
Lorin and Karen Letendre

John and Judy Thodos
Monterey Area Architectural Resource Archive

Gifts in Memory April 1, 2016 through May 15, 2017

John Akers
Brad & Hallie Dow

Michelle Marie Albrecht
Frances N. Albrecht

William Barnes
Doris S. Barnes

Judith Beville
Gerald and Dorothy Williams

Helen Bodo
Letitia A. Bennett

Ching K. Chan
Harry & Donna Joe

Marjorie Clark
Judith Everitt

Robert E. Costen
Capt. Laurel Costen

Sue Dewar
Rod Dewar

Jean Draper
Wendy Ograin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Watson

Bill Dupin
Don and Joanie Dinsmore

Leonard Epstein
Nicole Kelly

Charles Faxon
Shirley Faxon

Toni Glaser
Joan D. Heyler
Jurdy Hughes & Patricia Bordonaro

Jean Grace
Letitia A. Bennett
Nancy Collins

Owen Greenan
Jack & Peggy Baskin

Zane Patrick Gregory
Shannon Mandel

Ima Groom
Ovilee Kennedy

Eleanor Hampson
Lewis and Sally Cantor

Eleanor Hampson
Kenneth and Connie Hess

Eleanor K. Hampson
Margaret Fletcher
Esther Rodriguez
Stan and Diana Thomas
Deborah M. Nelson

Harriet Harrell
Jim and Anne Rurka

J.S. Holliday
Dr. and Mrs. H. Glenn Bell Jr.

Thomas W. Howarth
Marilyn Howarth

David Hyler
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Salzman

Robinson and Una Jeffers
Lorna J. Claerbout

Donnald Jubbard
Maggie G. Holm

Former Mayor Barney Laiolo
Elinor Laiolo

Colonel and Mrs. Charles Gest Lawrence
Charlotte Fergusson

Ted Lewis
Ron and Missy Read

Charlie Lowrey
Don and Joanie Dinsmore

Mimi Lowrey
Don and Joanie Dinsmore

Roderick Macleod
Jennifer Macleod

Graeme Mackenzie
Judy Mackenzie

Barbara Miller
Jurdy Hughes & Patricia Bordonaro

Kathleen Mary Notley
Wallace Notley

Cliff Ograin
Valerie Davis

Jack Prentice
William & Marian R. Gould

Lois Prentice
William & Marian R. Gould

Frederic ‘Buzz’ Rainer
Barbara Rainer

Virginia Stone
The Friday Morning Poetry Group
Barbara B. Bucquet
Rod and Suzanne Dewar
Dr. & Mrs. Walter Kitagawa

Carol Stratton
Lee and Pat Cogan

Ray Stumbo
Mrs. Ray Stumbo

Ruth Trometer
John C. Hollo

Alex Vardamis
Alex & Fran Vardamis

Joan Volberg
Helen Breck

James Wetterau
Tara Stewart

Ruth White
Ken & Jeanette White

Florence Woodman
Sharon J. Myler


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