Commemorative Gifts

Thank you to individuals who recognized others and have given support for the Carmel Library.

Gifts in Memory April 1, 2021 – May 15, 2022

Beau Breck
Peter & Kirsten Bedford

Bethany Koenig
William Koenig 

Beverly Cleary
Lewis & Sally Cantor

Bob Condry
Mary Condry

Carolyn Craig
Joanne McFann

Cheryl Joseph
Bonnie Gillooly 

Dennis O’Brien
Sharon Sieve
Rose Mary O’Brien
Robert & Phyliss Newman 

Donald High
Leslie Snorf

Dorothy Nielsen
Joan Clancy 

Dr. Bob Danziger
Donald McEnry Davis Charitable Fund
Marty & Kit Wiskoff

Dr. Charles Snorf
Carroll Family Charitable Foundation

Francis Herrick
William & Mariam Melendez

George Schroeder
Deirdre Schroeder

George White, Jr.
Classmate Fund 57
Leslie Snorf
Gail Scearce
Wendy Ograin
William Eggleston
Steve and Jane Ackerman
Ben and Carole Heinrich
William & Susanne Tyler, III
Donald & Diane Cooley
Donald & Perry Streett
Ronald & Marlene Read
Skip & Kit Fry
Terry & Kay Sullivan
Carol Lee Holland
Matthew and Joan Little
Mary McCary 

Harriet Harrell
James Rurka

Harvey Kuffner
Kay Kuffner

Jim Holliday
Glenn Bell Jr.

John Maller
Judy Maller

Judith Weintraub
Malcolm Weintraub

Keith Culver
Don Hanson

Leonard Epstein
Mike & Nicole Kelly

Linda McCarthy
Walter & May Kitagawa

Lloyd Test
Verna Test-Parsons

Luciana Young
Walter & May Kitagawa

Marian Fales
Marie Huffman

Mary Boyken
Gabrielle Walters

Mollie Lee
Alan Lee

Ruth Frasier
Cynthia Fowler

Norma Robinson
John Pinney & Barbara Robinson

Rosie & Ima Groom
Ovilee Kennedy

Ruth & Gene Dickinson
Ron & Kathy Fredrickson

Ruth White
Kennedy & Jeanette White

Stan Pilas
Pat Pilas

Stephen Davis
Chris Laszcz-Davis

Tyre Dinwiddie
Vaughn Wittry

Vi Fox
Barbara Lopp

William Scearce
Gail Scearce

Wolfgang Baer
Kathleen Baer 

Zane Patrick Gregory
Shannon Mandel

Gifts in Honor April 1, 2021 – May 15, 2022

Children’s Librarians
Thomas & Mary Surbridge

Colleen Rose
Marion Bottomley

Cynthia McCoy
David Huey & Carla Hudson

Jean Artz
Ann Artz

Jerry Holden
Robert & Lynn Brooks

Jo White
Skip & Kit Fry

Leslie Snorf
Steve & Betsey Pearson

Library Staff
Sandra Ashby
Joanne McFann
Robert & Gail Ord, III

Lindsay White Rogers & family
Skip & Kit Fry

Martha Drexler Lynn, Ph.D & Dr. Bob Danziger
Donald McEnry Davis Charitable Fund

Mickey Poole
Marty & Karen Wiskoff

Pam Neiman
Janet Rodgers

Peter Hiller
Leon & Anne Valerie Anderle

Valera Lyles
Maureen Sanders

Walker White & family
Skip & Kit Fry

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