Carmel Public Library Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of the Carmel Public Library Foundation is to keep the library open, relevant and thriving and to ensure free library service in perpetuity by providing funding for 100% of the books, materials, programs, equipment and services.

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Community Night Programs are in full swing and include a wide array of fascinating topics from Climate Change to the Carmel Mission. Next up:

Gingerbread Making Fundraiser
Sat. Dec 8th at 10:30am & 1:30pm
Hofsas House, between 3rd & 4th on San Carlos, Carmel, CA
The Wisdom of Scheherazade 
Wed. Jan 9 at 7pm
Carpenter Hall at Sunset Center





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Reduced public funding has become the “new normal” for libraries everywhere. The Carmel Public Library has pioneered a variety of public-private partnerships. Working together with the city, businesses, foundations, and particularly, our generous donors, we secure the library’s ranking as one of the finest public libraries in California. CLICK here to donate!