The Carmel Public Library Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors – community leaders who volunteer their time and efforts for the advancement and well-being of the library. Each member may serve two three-year terms. In addition to the members of the Board, a talented group of financial experts serve on the Finance Committee, providing experienced guidance for the endowment investments.

Carmel Public Library Foundation Board of Directors

b-heinrich   s-pearson   jenice-schultheis   Kevin Mahoney   Bonnie Irwin photo
Ben Heinrich
  Stephen Pearson
Vice President
  Jenice Schultheis
  Kevin Mahoney
  Bonnie Irwin
Director at Large
Booth-Scanlon_122p   jeff-greenberg     Drexler-Lyn_122p  
Lynn Booth-Scanlon   Jeff Greenberg   Becky Jackson    Martha Drexler Lynn   Seaberry Nachbar
Rita Patel                

Finance Committee

Heather Brebaugh
Steve Pearson
Jeff Greenberg
Lynn Booth Scanlon


Legal Advisor

Heisinger Buck & Morris Attorneys At Law



Library Trustees

Richard Flower, President
Tom Blomgren
Nancy Collins
Niels Reimers
Tara Twomey

Janet Bombard, Library Director


Alexandra Fallon
Executive Director
Anita Mitchell
Development Associate



Life Members & Former Board Directors

Mary May Altenburg*
Clayton Anderson*
William H. Barnes*
Edwin R. Bayley
Paul Bianchi
Melanie Billig
Phil Bowhay
Helen Breck
Robert Campbell*
Dorothy Capen
Cheryl Carter
Joseph N. Chaffers*
Cyril Chappellet*
Lynn Chester
Margaret Christensen*
Joan Clancy
Sara Clarenbach
Jeanie McKnight Clausen*
Mary Kay Crockett
Ward Crockett*
Judy Cunningham
  Rod Dewar
Don Dinsmore
Stephen H. Dolley
Susan DuCoeur
J. Randolf Elliott
Jim Emery
William C. Felch, M.D.*
Ruth S. Gleisner
Barbara Hall
Carolyn Hardy
Thomas H. Hawley
James G. Heisinger
David B Heyler, Jr.*
John H. Hicks*
Buzz Hoever
Carol Lee Holland
Marilyn Holland*
Philo Holland*
Susanne Holm
Stevan Horvath
Vern Johnson
  Charlie Keeley
Lucette Kenan*
Donald E. Kremer
Marilyn Kren
Donald I. Langendorf
Jane H. Lindsay*
Valera Lyles
Jennifer Martinez
Linda McCarthy
William B. Mitchell
Peter Mollman*
Barbara Moody
Cindy Murphy*
Dorothy F. Newton*
Hadley Osborn*
Tom Parks
Kay Power*
Neils Reimers
Michele Rench
Kathleen Ritter
Beth Robinson
Marion Robotti*
  Carolyn Samson
William Screace
Marv Silverman
Ann Simpson*
Howard R. Skidmore*
Leslie Snorf
Jean Stivers
Kay Sullivan
Thomas & Kathleen Tait
Chris Tescher
Bill Tyler, III
Elisabeth Ungaretti
Fran Vardamis
Cecil Wahle*
Stuart Waltzer*
Jonnie Webb
George White
Lamont Wiltsee
Samuel Wright, Jr.
Donald & Mary Wurtz
Luciana Young




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