The Carmel Public Library Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors – community leaders who volunteer their time and efforts for the advancement and well-being of the library. Each member may serve two three-year terms. Heather Brebaugh, Kerri Anne Goldberg, Bill Roland and Steve Pearson are the newest members, joining the Board in July, 2014. In addition to the members of the Board, a talented group of financial experts serve on the Finance Committee, providing experienced guidance for the endowment investments.

Carmel Public Library Foundation Board of Directors

b-heinrich   Kevin Mahoney   susan-duCoeur    
Ben Heinrich
  Kevin Mahoney
Vice President
  Susan DuCoeur
  h-brebaugh   mary_kay_crockett  
Phil Bowhay   Heather Brebaugh   Mary Kay Crockett   Rod Dewar
k-goldberg   jeff-greenberg     marilyn-kren
Kerri Anne Goldberg   Jeff Greenberg   Susanne Holm   Marilyn Kren
rita-patel   s-pearson   b-rolland   Bill Scearce
Rita Patel   Stephen Pearson   William Roland   William Scearce
Jenice Schultheis            

Finance Committee

Richard Borda**
Jim Emery**
Ben Heinrich
Jeff Greenberg
Kevin Mahoney
Bill Scearce

**Off Board Member


Legal Advisor

Jim Heisinger**




Amy Donohue, Executive Director   katherine-harrington
Amy Donohue
Executive Director
Katherine Harrington
Development Associate



Life Members & Former Board Directors

Mary May Altenburg*
Clayton Anderson
William H. Barnes*
Edwin R. Bayley
Paul Bianchi
Melanie Billig
Helen Breck
Robert Campbell*
Dorothy Capen
Cheryl Carter
Joseph N. Chaffers*
Cyril Chappellet*
Lynn Chester
Margaret Christensen*
Joan Clancy
Sara Clarenbach
Jeanie McKnight Clausen*
Ward Crockett*
Judy Cunningham
Don Dinsmore
  Stephen H. Dolley
J. Randolf Elliott
Jim Emery
William C. Felch, M.D.*
Ruth S. Gleisner
Barbara Hall
Carolyn Hardy
Thomas H. Hawley
James G. Heisinger
David B Heyler, Jr.*
John H. Hicks*
Buzz Hoever
Carol Lee Holland
Marilyn Holland*
Philo Holland*
Stevan Horvath
Vern Johnson
Charlie Keeley
Lucette Kenan*
Donald E. Kremer
  Donald I. Langendorf
Jane H. Lindsay*
Valera Lyles
Linda McCarthy
William B. Mitchell
Peter Mollman
Barbara Moody
Cindy Murphy*
Dorothy F. Newton*
Hadley Osborn*
Tom Parks
Kay Power*
Neils Reimers
Michele Rench
Kathleen Ritter
Beth Robinson
Marion Robotti
Carolyn Samson
Marv Silverman
  Ann Simpson*
Howard R. Skidmore*
Leslie Snorf
Jean Stivers
Kay Sullivan
Thomas & Kathleen Tait
Chris Tescher
Bill Tyler, III
Elisabeth Ungaretti
Fran Vardamis
Cecil Wahle
Stuart Waltzer
Jonnie Webb
George White
Lamont Wiltsee
Samuel Wright, Jr.
Donald & Mary Wurtz
Luciana Young



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